Introducing The Real-time Big Data Server

WebAction Real-time Big Data Server is an end-to-end platform that enables the next generation of real-time, data driven applications by acquiring, processing, and delivering structured and unstructured data. The platform allows data-in-motion to be filtered, processed, enriched, and correlated. WebAction users can act on diverse data in massive volumes and maximize the value of their Big Data.

Real-time data, at your fingertips

WebAction allows you to act on big data in real-time. When you process data in batches, you gain insight into the past. Using WebAction, you can easily process database, device-generated, log, and social data with sub-second latency.

Non-intrusive, end-to-end platform

WebAction is a single integrated platform that is easy to implement and use. Users point to the data sources, define processing criteria, and setup delivery rules from a unified console. The results are delivered as reports and alerts or as a data source to your custom apps.